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Kanji Detail for 置 - "place, put"

  • Meaning

    置 means "place, put."

    1. Place - To put something in a particular spot or position.

    2. Install - To set something up or put it in place for use.

    3. Establish - To set up or create something.

    4. Stop - To cause something to come to an end or cease.

    5. Abandon - To leave something behind or discard it.

    6. Set Aside - To put something aside for a particular purpose or use.

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  • Kunyomitip
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Sentences including

  • I have no idea where i left my keys.

  • Leave it there.

  • The picture looks better at a distance.

  • Don't park your books on the table.

  • I will wait till you have written the letter.

  • Put it back on the desk.

  • Set it down there.

  • Where did you put our key to the house?

  • Lay the book on the table.

  • I always keep a dictionary close at hand.

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