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Kanji Detail for 手 - "hand"

  • Meaning

    手 means "hand."

    1. Hand - The part of the body from the wrist to the end of the arm.

    2. Doing something with one's own hands - Doing something with one's own skill or ability.

    3. Method - The way of doing something.

    4. Direction - The orientation of something.

    5. Writing style - The way of writing something.

    6. Relationship - The connection between people.

  • Onyomitip
  • Kunyomitip
  • Strokestip
  • Radicaltip

Sentences including

  • You need not answer the letter.

  • Mr smith had his letter typed.

  • Do you think it will work?

  • If you will help me , we will soon finish.

  • She will cope with all the work.

  • I've never had such a large sum of money.

  • I helped my father water the flowers.

  • I am poor at tennis.

  • You have to have an operation.

  • She boasts that she can swim well.

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