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Kanji Detail for 半 - "half, semi"

  • Meaning

    半 means "half, semi."

    1. Half - One of two parts that have been divided.

    2. Middle - The middle point.

    3. Edge - The end or edge of something.

    4. Incomplete - Not enough or not perfect.

    5. Odd Number - An odd number.

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Sentences including

  • If you're doing it in fun , i'd rather you didn't come.

  • It is just half past seven.

  • It took me an hour and a half to get there by car.

  • I have been waiting for an hour and a half.

  • I don't like to leave things up in the air.

  • Don't do such a thing in fun.

  • Does school start at eight-thirty?

  • The train will get you there after half the time.

  • I've finished half so far.

  • We arrived at the station a half-hour before the train started.

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