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Kanji Detail for 受 - "receive, accept, take in"

  • Meaning

    受 means "receive, accept, take in."

    1. Receive - To take something that is given or offered.

    2. Inherit - To take on or receive something from someone else.

    3. Accept - To agree to take something or to agree to a situation.

    4. Pass - To be successful in a test or examination.

    5. Endure - To suffer or experience something without being destroyed or overwhelmed.

  • Onyomitip
  • Kunyomitip
  • Strokestip
  • Radicaltip

Sentences including

  • She did not take kindly to my advice.

  • I can't take any more work.

  • First come , first served.

  • I cannot take less.

  • No one shall dictate to me.

  • I think i'll take the test this time.

  • I took the job without giving it much thought.

  • It is certain that he will pass the examination.

  • She took an examination in english.

  • I'd like to see a doctor.

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