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Kanji Detail for 取 - "take, get, fetch"

  • Meaning

    取 means "take, get, fetch."

    1. Take, Obtain - To take something into one's possession. To acquire something.

    2. Choose - To select something. To adopt something.

    3. Seize - To take something away by force. To attack something.

    4. Marry - To take someone as a wife.

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Sentences including

  • We won't take up the problem.

  • Please pass me the sugar.

  • She went in to get it.

  • They cleared the road of snow.

  • I cannot get in touch with him.

  • Let's get down to work.

  • It will do you good to have a holiday.

  • We have an account with the bank.

  • Will you keep this seat for me?

  • Let's keep in touch with each other.

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