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Kanji Detail for 以 - "by means of, with, because of, in view of, according to"

  • Meaning

    以 means "by means of, with, because of, in view of, according to."

    1. Use, Utilize - To employ or make use of something.

    2. Think, Contemplate - To consider or ponder something.

    3. Lead, Guide - To direct or show the way.

    4. Reason, Cause - A justification or explanation for something.

    5. Therefore, Consequently - To indicate a result or consequence.

    6. Already - To indicate something has already happened.

    7. Extremely, Very - To indicate a high degree of something.

  • Onyomitip
  • Kunyomitip
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Sentences including

  • I don't want to lead a dog's life any more.

  • Don't live off your sister any more.

  • I can't take any more work.

  • Except for bill , they were all in time.

  • Please don't be sad any more.

  • I have read the book before.

  • I know nothing but this.

  • People above 18 may drive.

  • I cannot take less.

  • Tom does anything but study.

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