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Kanji Detail for 金 - "gold, money, metal"

  • Meaning

    金 means "gold, money, metal."

    1. Metal - A general term for metals, such as gold.

    2. Money - Currency, coins, and other forms of payment.

    3. Color - Golden or golden-colored.

    4. Hardness - A metaphor for something hard.

    5. Beauty - A metaphor for something beautiful and precious, like gold.

    6. Metal in Five Elements - One of the five elements,

    7. West - West in eight directions.

    8. Star - The name of a star, Venus.

    9. Shogi Piece - One of the pieces in shogi, the gold general(金将).

    10. Friday - One of the seven days of the week.

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Sentences including

  • She spends a lot of money on clothes.

  • Money is not everything.

  • The company was in want of money.

  • Money for the plan was lacking.

  • Can i borrow some money from you?

  • I've never had such a large sum of money.

  • Health is more important than money.

  • Tom did it simply for the money.

  • He made money from that business.

  • I not only gave him some advice , i gave him some money.

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