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Kanji Detail for 康 - "health, peaceful, comfortable"

  • Meaning

    康 means "health, peaceful, comfortable."

    1. Healthy - Having good physical and mental health

    2. Robust - Strong and healthy

    3. Peaceful - Free from disturbance

    4. Prosperous - Having success or good fortune

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Sentences including

  • We are anxious about your health.

  • Health is more important than money.

  • To talk with a lot of people is good for health.

  • The place i live in is very good for your health.

  • Smoking is bad for your health.

  • Smoking is not good for the health.

  • Your mother is anxious about your health.

  • She looks nice and healthy.

  • I exercise because i want to stay healthy.

  • She looked well when i last saw her.

Sentences from Japanese classical masterpieces

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