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Kanji Detail for 切 - "cut, slice, chop"

  • Meaning

    切 means "cut, slice, chop."

    1. To cut - To divide or separate something with a sharp object.

    2. To break - To break something into pieces.

    3. To approach - To come close to something or someone.

    4. To fit perfectly - To fit together perfectly without any gaps.

    5. To be enthusiastic - To be passionate and devoted to something.

    6. Phonetic compound - A method of combining two kanji characters to represent a sound.

    7. All - Everything, without exception.

    8. Fragment - A small piece of something that has been broken off.

    9. Division - To divide something into parts.

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Sentences including

  • What a kind girl she is !

  • They were all sold out.

  • Be nice to ann.

  • Health is more important than money.

  • I keep old books with care.

  • Keep an eye on my bag while i buy a ticket.

  • He kindly answered questions.

  • It is important to drive carefully.

  • She was kind to me.

  • We are facing a crucial time.

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