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Kanji Detail for 助 - "aid, help, assist"

  • Meaning

    助 means "aid, help, assist."

    1. To help or assist - This kanji can be used to express the idea of helping or assisting someone. It can also be used to describe the act of lending strength or power to someone.

    2. To plow a field - This kanji can be used to describe the act of putting a hoe into a field and tilling it.

    3. A nickname - This kanji can be used to give someone a nickname based on their characteristics. For example, someone who likes to drink could be called “呑み助(Nomisuke)”.

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Sentences including

  • I not only gave him some advice , i gave him some money.

  • All the girls helped each other.

  • If you ask him , he will help you.

  • It saved me.

  • I wish i could help you.

  • They are willing to help us out.

  • We need to help each other.

  • I was badly in need of his help at that time.

  • We cannot thank you too much for your help.

  • His help is indispensable to us.

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