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Kanji Detail for 床 - "floor, bed, foundation"

  • Meaning

    床 means "floor, bed, foundation."

    1. Bed - A piece of furniture used for sleeping.

    2. Platform - A raised surface used for sitting or resting.

    3. Floor - A flat surface in a house or other building.

    4. Cozy - Comfortably warm and inviting.

    5. Nostalgic - Evoking feelings of nostalgia.

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Sentences including

  • I was tired , so i went straight to bed.

  • He is still on his back.

  • Please pick up the pen from the floor.

  • Is there anything on the floor?

  • I feel like going to bed early tonight.

  • As i was sleepy , i went to bed.

  • I usually get up at six.

  • He is confined to bed now.

  • I felt the floor shake.

  • What time do you usually get up?

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