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Kanji Detail for 通 - "through, pass, communicate"

  • Meaning

    通 means "through, pass, communicate."

    1. To pass through - To go through or penetrate something.

    2. To transmit - To send or convey something.

    3. To penetrate - To go through or pass through something.

    4. To reach - To arrive at a destination.

    5. Road - A path or route for travel.

    6. Route - A path or course taken.

    7. To come and go - To move back and forth between two places.

    8. To circulate - To move around or travel from place to place.

    9. Counter for documents - A numerical symbol used to count documents or writings.

    10. Knowledge of the world - To be knowledgeable about the world, its affairs, and amusements.

    11. Secret meetings - For men and women to meet secretly.

    12. To act as an intermediary - To act as a go-between or intermediary.

    13. To spread - To extend or expand in all directions.

    14. Passbook - A book containing a record of transactions.

    15. To resemble - To be similar or alike.

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Sentences including

  • He will have his own way in everything.

  • He arrived in time.

  • He took a look at the newspaper before going to bed.

  • I usually get up at eight.

  • It is next to impossible to go to school.

  • There is a large number of people and cars in that street.

  • John passed among the crowd.

  • Will the train leave on time?

  • There wasn't much traffic.

  • What's the name of this street , please?

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