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Kanji Detail for 到 - "to arrive, to reach"

  • Meaning

    到 means "to arrive, to reach."

    1. Arrive - To come to a place or destination.

    2. Reach - To go to a place or destination.

    3. Come - To arrive at a place or destination.

    4. Extend - To reach to the furthest corner.

    5. Reverse - To turn something upside down.

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Sentences including

  • He arrived in time.

  • He will reach kyoto the day after tomorrow.

  • He arrived here last night.

  • Except for john , they all arrived.

  • We arrived at a hotel in rome.

  • Father got to his office on time.

  • The train is due at noon.

  • The plane will get in on time.

  • Given good weather , we will reach there tomorrow.

  • He arrived shortly after.

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