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Kanji Detail for 経 - "experience, manage, pass through"

  • Meaning

    経 means "experience, manage, pass through."

    1. To pass through (time) - To pass through a period of time, to go through a process, to experience something.

    2. Weaving thread - The vertical thread used in weaving.

    3. Direction (vertical) - The direction of north and south, or up and down.

    4. Path - A route, a course of action, a logical sequence.

    5. To measure - To take measurements, to survey.

    6. Constant - That which does not change.

    7. Boundary - A dividing line, a limit.

    8. Rule - A law, a principle, a regulation.

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Sentences including

  • He is still green at the job.

  • I am not experienced in driving.

  • The trouble is that she lacks experience.

  • He is lacking in experience.

  • This kind of experience is familiar to everybody.

  • He has experience as well as learning.

  • The experience gave him the courage.

  • I will keep this experience in mind forever.

  • Besides being economical , it's fun.

  • We learn much by experience.

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