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Kanji Detail for 番 - "turn, number, order"

  • Meaning

    番 means "turn, number, order."

    1. Taking Turns, Alternating - Exchanging one thing for another, taking turns.

    2. Order, Sequence, Rank - The order in which something is done or comes.

    3. Number - The total amount of something.

    4. Watch, Guard - To keep an eye on something.

    5. Combination of male and female - A pair of two things, usually male and female.

    6. Attaching an arrow to a bowstring - To attach an arrow to a bowstring.

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Sentences including

  • You should buy an answering machine.

  • The ball is with you.

  • You have the wrong number.

  • Fall is when we can study best.

  • We are facing a crucial time.

  • I like english best.

  • It's your turn to drive.

  • She asked the same question of everyone in turn.

  • I forgot your phone number.

  • Mary is the prettiest girl in her class.

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