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Kanji Detail for 身 - "body, oneself"

  • Meaning

    身 means "body, oneself."

    1. Body - The physical body, torso, or flesh.

    2. Self - Oneself, from oneself, or by oneself.

    3. Center - The center of an object or the trunk of a tree.

    4. Oneself - Me, myself, or I.

    5. Pregnancy - To become pregnant or to carry a child.

    6. Meat - The flesh of an animal.

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Sentences including

  • It's a cinch to learn to swim.

  • English is difficult to learn.

  • How tall is he?

  • He is in bonds.

  • It is beginning to tell on him.

  • Being only a student , i can't afford to get married.

  • How tall is he?

  • He is as tall as my father.

  • He is from this town.

  • Put your heart into your business.

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