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Kanji Detail for 禁 - "prohibition, ban, taboo"

  • Meaning

    禁 means "prohibition, ban, taboo."

    1. Avoid, Avert - To avoid something bad or unlucky.

    2. Stop, Prevent - To stop or prevent something from happening.

    3. Imprison, Restrain - To confine or restrain someone.

    4. Palace, Imperial Court - The palace or imperial court of the emperor.

    5. Secretly, Privately - To do something secretly or privately.

    6. Curse - A curse or hex.

    7. Endure, Bear - To endure or bear something.

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Sentences including

  • He is in bonds.

  • Father decided to stop smoking.

  • You are not supposed to smoke here.

  • My parents forbade me to see tom again.

  • After the accident , he was banned from driving.

  • She is forbidden to go out.

  • What method did you use to give up smoking?

  • He has given up smoking for the sake of his health.

  • I quit smoking two years ago.

  • It is difficult to give up smoking.

Sentences from Japanese classical masterpieces

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