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Kanji Detail for 肉 - "meat"

  • Meaning

    肉 means "meat."

    1. Meat - The flesh of birds or animals that has been cut.

    2. Body - The physical body of a human being.

    3. Skin - The surface of the body.

    4. Attached to flesh - Attached to flesh.

    5. Voice - Singing voice.

    6. Edible meat - Meat that is edible.

    7. Thickness - The thickness of an object.

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Sentences including

  • Meat or fish?

  • Beef , please.

  • I never eat meat.

  • Would you like meat or fish?

  • Please tell me why you don't eat meat.

  • Pork doesn't agree with me.

  • This pork is a bit off.

  • The dog didn't eat the meat.

  • I don't want meat.

  • Which do you like better , meat or fish?

Sentences from Japanese classical masterpieces

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