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Kanji Detail for 犬 - "dog"

  • Meaning

    犬 means "dog."

    1. Dog - A domesticated animal of the canine family, a species of mammal in the family Canidae.

    2. Insignificant Person - A metaphor for someone who is unimportant or insignificant.

    3. To Put Yourself Down - A phrase used to belittle oneself.

    4. To Put Others Down - A phrase used to belittle others.

    5. Spy - A person who is sent to gather information secretly.

    6. Runner - A person who is sent to deliver messages or goods.

  • Onyomitip
  • Kunyomitip
  • Strokestip
  • Radicaltip

Sentences including

  • I have a cat and a dog.

  • The dog frightened the children away.

  • Who is going to look after our dog?

  • Who has found a lost dog?

  • Keep away from the dog.

  • That dog made for me.

  • You must take care of your dog.

  • My wife took good care of this dog.

  • There's a dog by the door.

  • Is that a cat or a dog?

Sentences from Japanese classical masterpieces

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