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Kanji Detail for 客 - "guest, customer"

  • Meaning

    客 means "guest, customer."

    1. Guest - A person who visits from another place.

    2. Invited Person - A person who has been invited.

    3. Customer - A person who pays money to be a business partner.

    4. Traveler - A person who travels.

    5. Past - Something that has passed.

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Sentences including

  • The store is choked with customers.

  • Kyoto is visited by many tourists.

  • We're having some guests over this evening.

  • Customers stopped coming to our shop.

  • Could i ask you to get a cup of tea for our guest?

  • Up to now , only five guests have arrived.

  • The number of guests is 20.

  • John talked with his customer on the phone.

  • There is only a small audience today.

  • She put her room in order before her guests arrived.

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