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Kanji Detail for 山 - "mountain"

  • Meaning

    山 means "mountain."

    1. Mountain - A high and elevated place or terrain. Also, something with such a shape.

    2. Temple - A word used in the name of a temple.

    3. Grave - A mound of earth used to create a tomb.

    4. Peak - The place where interest in a matter is highest. The highest point.

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Sentences including

  • What a good teacher mr hirayama is !

  • I climbed the mountain last summer.

  • There are many monkeys in the mountain.

  • Is okayama a big city?

  • My name is yamada.

  • We went to the mountain to ski.

  • I have lived in sasayama for three years.

  • I would go to the mountains when young.

  • She is a doctor and also an alpinist.

  • We went to the mountain to ski.

Sentences from Japanese classical masterpieces

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