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Kanji Detail for 叔 - "uncle, nephew, aunt's husband"

  • Meaning

    叔 means "uncle, nephew, aunt's husband."

    1. Uncle - An uncle is the brother of one's father or mother.

    2. Third in Line of Siblings - In terms of age, the order of siblings is "伯・仲・叔・季".

    3. Young - Refers to someone who is young in age.

    4. Husband's Younger Brother - Refers to the younger brother of one's husband.

    5. Last - Refers to the last generation.

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Sentences including

  • He was a wonderful man , that uncle of yours.

  • My aunt has three children.

  • My uncle lives in new york.

  • My uncle has lived in paris for ten years.

  • She has an uncle who works in a bank.

  • My uncle told me the story by way of a joke.

  • I went to shikoku to visit my uncle.

  • My uncle has three children.

  • We dined at our uncle's.

  • He will visit his uncle.

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