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Kanji Detail for 冗 - "redundant, superfluous, unnecessary"

  • Meaning

    冗 means "redundant, superfluous, unnecessary."

    1. Useless - Not having any useful purpose or having no value.

    2. Excess - More than is necessary, normal, or desirable.

    3. Unnecessary - Not needed or required.

    4. Disordered - Not arranged in a regular or proper way.

    5. Troublesome - Causing difficulty or annoyance.

    6. Unstructured - Lacking organization or structure.

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Sentences including

  • Don't pull my leg !

  • He could not see the joke.

  • Her joke fell flat.

  • It was just a joke.

  • My uncle told me the story by way of a joke.

  • It's no joke.

  • He regarded the story as a joke.

  • My joke went over very well.

  • He tells a good joke.

  • I said so purely in jest.

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