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Kanji Detail for 天 - "heaven, sky, imperial, celestial"

  • Meaning

    天 means "heaven, sky, imperial, celestial."

    1. Rain, Sky, Universe - The ruler of all things, the laws of nature, and the place where gods and Buddhas reside.

    2. Birthright - Something that is inherited or naturally given.

    3. Emperor, King - One who has been given the mandate of Heaven.

    4. Weather, Atmosphere - The state of the sky or the atmosphere.

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Sentences including

  • There is no going out in this stormy weather.

  • It's fine today.

  • People often complain about the weather.

  • Whether permitting , we'll leave tomorrow morning.

  • We shall leave tomorrow , weather permitting.

  • According to the weather report , it will snow tonight.

  • He is a genius in a sense.

  • The weather changed suddenly.

  • Let's take a chance on the weather.

  • He thought that he was a genius.

Sentences from Japanese classical masterpieces

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