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Kanji Detail for 加 - "add, include, augment"

  • Meaning

    加 means "add, include, augment."

    1. To Add, Append - To add something to an existing situation or group.

    2. To Join, Participate - To become part of a group or situation.

    3. To influence - To have an effect on something or someone.

    4. To Give, Bestow - To provide something to someone.

    5. In Addition, On Top Of That - To add something extra to an existing situation.

    6. Addition, Sum - A mathematical operation in which two or more numbers are added together.

  • Onyomitip
  • Kunyomitip
  • Strokestip
  • Radicaltip

Sentences including

  • Wind accompanied the rain.

  • He likes to play hardball with people.

  • They invited her to go to the party.

  • I take part in your enterprise.

  • He took part in the meeting.

  • He didn't participate in the story.

  • It is now necessary to add another rule.

  • I'm sure that he will take part in the contest.

  • Over 100 people were present at the party.

  • Come and join us.

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