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Kanji Detail for 凝 - "to concentrate, to solidify, to congeal"

  • Meaning

    凝 means "to concentrate, to solidify, to congeal."

    1. Solidify - To make something solid or firm.

    2. Concentrate - To focus on something intently.

    3. Gather - To collect or bring together.

    4. Clench - To grip or hold tightly.

    5. Stagnate - To remain in one place or state without moving or progressing.

    6. Muscle Tension - When muscles become tight and rigid.

    7. Intense Focus - To be completely absorbed in something.

    8. Lingering Feeling - A feeling that remains after something has passed.

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Sentences including

  • He has got baseball on the brain.

  • She is particular about her dress.

  • What are you into these days?

Sentences from Japanese classical masterpieces

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