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Kanji Detail for 口 - "mouth, opening, entrance"

  • Meaning

    口 means "mouth, opening, entrance."

    1. Mouth - An organ used for eating and speaking.

    2. Entrance, Exit - A place where people or things enter or leave.

    3. Speak - To utter words with the mouth.

    4. Counting People, Houses - A word used to count people or houses.

    5. Counting Swords - A word used to count swords.

    6. Unit of Measurement - A unit of measurement used to count divided objects as one. For example, a donation of one thousand yen is one “kuchi”.

    7. Classification, Type - A word used to classify or categorize things. For example, “amakuchi” (sweet) and “betukuchi” (separate).

    8. Place of Employment - A place of work or a place of marriage. For example, “shuushokuguchi” (place of employment).

    9. Beginning, Edge - The beginning or edge of something. For example, “jo no kuchi” (the beginning of an order).

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Sentences including

  • Mind your own business !

  • I opened my account with the bank.

  • Don't speak with your mouth full.

  • How dare you speak to me like that?

  • He is very clever for a boy of ten.

  • Mind your own business !

  • The boy entered by the back door.

  • Don't say bad things about others.

  • She knows better than to answer back to him.

  • He bought his way into college.

Sentences from Japanese classical masterpieces

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