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Kanji Detail for 朝 - "morning, dawn"

  • Meaning

    朝 means "morning, dawn."

    1. Morning - The period of time from when the sun rises until a short while afterwards.

    2. Court - The place where the emperor conducts politics.

    3. Attendance - To be present in the court and be seen by the emperor.

    4. Reign - The period of time when one emperor ruled. Also, the era when a monarch of the same lineage ruled.

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Sentences including

  • They made him work from morning till night.

  • He did not get up early in the morning.

  • What do you usually have for breakfast?

  • He's used to getting up early in the morning.

  • He overslept this morning.

  • In those days , i made it a point to take a walk before breakfast.

  • She makes it a rule to take an hour's walk every morning.

  • Whether permitting , we'll leave tomorrow morning.

  • I make it a rule to jog early in the morning.

  • We must be off early tomorrow morning.

Sentences from Japanese classical masterpieces

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