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Kanji Detail for 責 - "responsibility, blame, duty"

  • Meaning

    責 means "responsibility, blame, duty."

    1. Blame - To hold someone responsible for an action or mistake.

    2. Demand - To ask for something in a forceful or urgent way.

    3. Reproach - To express disapproval or disappointment.

    4. Slander - To make false and damaging statements about someone.

    5. Urge - To strongly encourage someone to do something.

    6. Duty - An obligation or responsibility to do something.

    7. Liability - A legal responsibility for something.

    8. Debt - Money that is owed to someone.

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Sentences including

  • He is responsible for the accident.

  • That's my fault.

  • Not only i , but also you are responsible for this accident.

  • You are to blame for the failure.

  • I as well as my brother am to blame.

  • The responsibility was in large part mine.

  • I blamed him for the accident.

  • You are responsible for the result.

  • Everyone is responsible for his own actions.

  • That's your funeral.

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