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Kanji Detail for 土 - "soil, earth, ground"

  • Meaning

    土 means "soil, earth, ground."

    1. Earth, Ground - The surface of the earth, soil, land, territory, and the great earth.

    2. Countryside, Hometown - The countryside, hometown, and region.

    3. Element - One of the five elements, with the direction of the center and the color of yellow.

    4. Measurement - To measure, equal to degrees.

    5. Instrument - An instrument made of baked clay, one of the eight sounds (gold, stone, thread, bamboo, pottery, earth, leather, and wood).

    6. Saturday - Saturday, one of the seven days of the week.

    7. Turkey - Abbreviation of the country name "Turkey(土耳古)".

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Sentences including

  • I till the earth.

  • He doesn't go to the office on saturday.

  • Do you have school on saturdays?

  • We always play tennis on saturday morning.

  • The accident took place on the evening of last sunday.

  • Not a few students came to the concert last saturday.

  • I went to the park last saturday.

  • She doesn't have to go to school on saturday.

  • His house is on the bank of the river.

  • Shall you be going to the meeting on saturday?

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