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Kanji for forgiveness "許"

  • Meaning


  • Onyomi What is Onyomi?
    Reading based on old Chinese pronunciation.
  • Kunyomi What is Kunyomi?
    Reading based on Japanese to express the meaning of kanji.
    There are some Kanji characters that need to be fed, such as “嬉しい”.
  • Strokes What is Strokes?
    The stroke order is the order of writing kanji.
    Created with the aim of unifying the stroke order as much as possible so as not to cause confusion in learning instruction.


  • Radical What is Radical?
    Radical is a part of a kanji used to classify kanji.
    In radical classification, at least one radical is assigned to all Kanji characters.

Sentences including

  • I got leave to go home.

  • The teacher allowed him to go home.

  • Weather permitting , i'll start tomorrow.

  • He failed to pass his driving test.

  • The teacher didn't permit me to leave early.

  • Be on your guard against him.

  • He was excused on the ground that he way young.

  • Mother allowed me to go abroad.

  • No one is to leave without permission.

  • You won't be allowed another mistake.

Sentences from Japanese classical masterpieces