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Kanji Detail for 浜 - "beach, seashore"

  • Meaning

    浜 means "beach, seashore."

    1. Water's Edge - The edge of a body of water, such as a beach or shoreline.

    2. Limit - The furthest point or boundary of something.

    3. Borderland - A remote or isolated area near the edge of a country or region.

    4. End of the Land - The furthest point of a landmass.

    5. Closely Approaching - To come near or approach something.

    6. Accompanying - To go with or accompany someone or something.

    7. Near the Water - To be close to a body of water.

    8. Waterway - A channel or trench used to allow ships to pass through.

    9. Yokohama - An abbreviation for the city of Yokohama.

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Sentences including

  • Let's walk on the beach after dinner.

  • I live in yokohama.

  • I was born in yokohama.

  • We visited yokohama on business.

  • It took me two hours to get to yokohama.

  • We played on the beach.

  • She lives in yokohama.

  • My sister lives near yokohama.

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