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Kanji Detail for 尋 - "search, inquire, fathom"

  • Meaning

    尋 means "search, inquire, fathom."

    1. To Ask, Inquire, Interrogate - To ask questions or seek information.

    2. To Search, Seek, Look For - To look for something or someone.

    3. To visit - To go to a place or person.

    4. Immediately afterwards - To do something right after something else.

    5. Unit of length - A unit of length equal to the length of both arms spread out to the sides.

    6. Unit of length - 1尋(ichi-jin) is equal to 6尺(six-shaku aprx.1.8 meter) .

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Sentences including

  • I asked my teacher what to do next.

  • The old man asked me the time.

  • I wrote him to ask why.

  • Mary asked after his father.

  • He asked after you.

  • He asked me a question.

  • He asked me if i was busy.

  • He asked me what i had bought.

  • I asked who he was.

  • I asked him where i should park my car.

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