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Kanji Detail for 橋 - "bridge, span, arch"

  • Meaning

    橋 means "bridge, span, arch."

    1. A structure that spans a river, valley, or other body of water, typically made of stone, wood, or metal.

    2. To span or cross over something.

    3. To support or hold up something.

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Sentences including

  • I will go with you as far as the bridge.

  • A big bridge was built over the river.

  • The people of london are very proud of this bridge.

  • His plan is to build a bridge over that river.

  • This is longer than any other bridge in the world.

  • This bridge is twice the length of that one.

  • There used to be a small bridge over the river 10 years ago.

  • The bridge is open to traffic.

  • The bridge is being repainted.

  • This bridge became famous among young people.

Sentences from Japanese classical masterpieces

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