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Kanji Detail for 景 - "scenery, view, landscape"

  • Meaning

    景 means "scenery, view, landscape."

    1. Light - Bright light, sunlight.

    2. Scenery - View, appearance, state.

    3. Grand - Impressive, also, auspicious.

    4. Admire - Admire and revere.

    5. Souvenir - An item added as a bonus to a product to add atmosphere, e.g. a souvenir.

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Sentences including

  • I saw some very beautiful scenes.

  • What a marvelous sight !

  • I'd like a room with a good view , please.

  • The night view of tokyo is wonderful.

  • He was amazed at the sight.

  • The scene before me was very beautiful.

  • We were surprised at the sight.

  • What a fine view !

  • She was surprised at the sight.

  • She was very surprised at the sight.

Sentences from Japanese classical masterpieces

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