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Kanji Detail for 貸 - "lend, loan"

  • Meaning

    貸 means "lend, loan."

    1. Lend - To temporarily lend money or goods.

    2. Profit - To gain a profit by lending something.

    3. Compensate - To forgive a loss or burden received from someone and make a loan to the other party.

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Sentences including

  • I need a bag. will you lend me one?

  • Give me something to write on.

  • I'll lend it to you.

  • Would you lend me your pen?

  • I am reluctant to help him.

  • I am not so foolish as to lend him money.

  • Will you let me use your telephone , please?

  • I can't lend you any money.

  • Can you lend me 500 yen?

  • Just help me with this baggage.

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