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Kanji Detail for 奇 - "strange, odd, peculiar"

  • Meaning

    奇 means "strange, odd, peculiar."

    1. Unusual, Unique - Something that is not ordinary or usual

    2. Outstanding, Exceptional - Something that is superior or extraordinary.

    3. Suspicious, Mysterious - Something that is strange or mysterious.

    4. Unexpected, Unforeseen - Something that is not expected or anticipated.

    5. Odd, Odd Number - Something that cannot be divided by two

    6. Unfortunate, Unlucky - Something that is not blessed with luck or fortune.

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Sentences including

  • His story is strange , but it's believable.

  • What a queer story !

  • This is a very strange letter.

  • She did so out of curiosity.

  • A strange thing happened last night.

  • It may sound strange , but it is true.

  • His success was nothing short of a miracle.

  • She gave a narrative of her strange experience.

  • There was something strange about her.

  • They saw a strange animal there.

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