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Kanji Detail for 即 - "immediately, instantly"

  • Meaning

    即 means "immediately, instantly."

    1. To take a position - To take a place or position.

    2. To attach - To get close to or stick to something.

    3. Immediately - To do something right away without delay.

    4. Specifically - To mean exactly what is said without any other interpretation.

    5. In other words - To express the same idea in different words.

    6. If - To assume something to be true in a hypothetical situation.

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Sentences including

  • He was run over and killed on the spot.

  • He was run over and killed on the spot.

  • The moment that he was alone he opened the letter.

  • The dog was killed on the spot.

  • He paid me cash down.

  • I paid cash for the car.

  • I bought this outright.

Sentences from Japanese classical masterpieces

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