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Kanji Detail for 製 - "manufacture, production, make"

  • Meaning

    製 means "manufacture, production, make."

    1. Cut - To cut or trim something.

    2. Tailor - To make clothes.

    3. Make - To create or construct something.

    4. Carve - To carve or shape something.

    5. Compose - To compose a poem.

    6. Rain Gear - Clothing used to protect from the rain.

    7. Numeral - A numeral used to count clothing.

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Sentences including

  • This is a watch made in japan.

  • This watch is made in japan.

  • This table is made of wood.

  • She cooked the dinner herself.

  • Look at the car made in japan.

  • This car is made in japan.

  • John has a car made in japan.

  • This bridge is made of iron.

  • This is the car made in japan.

  • The dress is of silk.

Sentences from Japanese classical masterpieces

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