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Kanji Detail for 盛 - "to heap up, to pile up, to serve (food) generously"

  • Meaning

    盛 means "to heap up, to pile up, to serve (food) generously."

    1. To fill a container - To fill a container with something, such as food or liquid.

    2. To pile up high - To stack something in a high pile.

    3. Offerings to the gods - Items offered to the gods as a form of worship.

    4. Vigorous - Having a lot of energy or enthusiasm.

    5. To enliven - To make something more lively or exciting.

    6. To compound medicine - To mix and prepare medicine for consumption.

    7. Mating season - The period of time when animals are sexually active.

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Sentences including

  • She dressed up for the party.

  • We have very good business.

  • Every dog has his day.

  • He is still full of energy.

  • The flowers are already out of bloom.

  • Every dog has his day.

  • The party was such a great success.

  • She dressed up and left for the party.

  • My business is slow right now.

  • You don't have to dress up.

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