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Kanji Detail for 銭 - "money, coin, small change"

  • Meaning

    銭 means "money, coin, small change."

    1. Money, Currency - Refers to money or currency in general.

    2. Unit of Weight - Refers to a unit of weight, equal to one-tenth of a ryō.

    3. Hoe - Refers to a farming tool used to dig up soil.

    4. Thousand - Refers to a unit of currency, equal to one hundredth of a yen.

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Sentences including

  • Do you have any small change?

  • I have hardly any money left.

  • Keep the change , please.

  • I'm sorry , i don't have smaller change.

  • You should have been more careful in money matters.

  • Exact change , please.

  • Can you change this into small money?

  • The trouble is that i have no money with me.

  • I'm sorry , but i don't have any small change.

  • His old car don't get a cent.

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