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Kanji Detail for 収 - "collection, receipt, harvest"

  • Meaning

    収 means "collection, receipt, harvest."

    1. Gather - To bring together or collect something.

    2. Shrink - To reduce in size or volume.

    3. Accumulate - To gather or collect over time.

    4. Consolidate - To combine or unite into one.

    5. Collect - To bring together into one place or group.

    6. Capture - To take possession of something.

    7. Accept - To receive or admit something.

    8. Include - To contain or have as part of something.

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Sentences including

  • Every man has his price.

  • That american movie was a great success.

  • Living on a small income is hard.

  • He lives beyond his income.

  • He doesn't earn enough money to live on.

  • Do not live above your income.

  • Now my income is twice what it was two years ago.

  • The new machine brought in a lot of money.

  • I live above my means.

  • May i have a receipt?

Sentences from Japanese classical masterpieces

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