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Kanji Detail for 介 - "intermediary, mediate, shellfish"

  • Meaning

    介 means "intermediary, mediate, shellfish."

    1. Helping - To assist or aid someone.

    2. Intervening - To come between two or more people or things.

    3. Mediating - To act as a mediator between two or more parties.

    4. Separating - To divide or keep apart.

    5. Armor - To wear armor.

    6. Isolation - To be alone or isolated.

    7. Magnifying - To make something larger or greater.

    8. Edge - The outermost part of something.

    9. Shell - The hard outer covering of certain animals.

    10. Ancient Japanese Official - A fourth-ranking official in ancient Japan, second in rank to the kokushi.

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Sentences including

  • Please let me introduce myself.

  • I want you to meet my parents.

  • They met through her introduction.

  • We didn't have much trouble.

  • It's a difficult matter.

  • I am afraid i'll be a burden to you.

  • Will you introduce me to her?

  • Let me introduce my mother to you.

  • Let me introduce you to him.

  • Let me introduce my parents to you.

Sentences from Japanese classical masterpieces

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