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Kanji Detail for 継 - "succession, inherit, continue"

  • Meaning

    継 means "succession, inherit, continue."

    1. Connect, Bond - To join or link together, to form a bond or connection.

    2. Inherit - To receive or take over from a predecessor, to take on the responsibilities of a predecessor.

    3. Compile - To assemble or put together from various sources, to create a unified whole.

    4. Continue - To keep going without interruption, to remain in a state of continuity.

    5. Patch - To repair or mend something by covering it with a piece of cloth, to make a temporary fix.

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Sentences including

  • He took over his father's business.

  • He must succeed to his father's business.

  • He succeeded to his father's estate.

  • He took over the business from his father.

  • I will take over your job.

  • My son will take over the job.

  • He acceded to the office.

  • The concert was broadcast live.

  • He took over the business.

  • He succeeded to the family business.

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