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Kanji Detail for 誌 - "magazine, journal, periodical"

  • Meaning

    誌 means "magazine, journal, periodical."

    1. To record - To make a record of something.

    2. To document - To write down and keep a record of something.

    3. To mark - To put a mark or sign on something.

    4. Record - A written document that has been kept as a record.

    5. Mark - A mark or sign used as a reference.

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  • Radicaltip

Sentences including

  • I bought him a magazine.

  • I am reading a magazine.

  • The magazine does nothing for me.

  • Are there any english magazines in this library?

  • Give me some kind of magazines , will you?

  • These are my sister's magazines.

  • I found nothing interesting in that magazine.

  • Some people are reading some magazines on the train.

  • My mother is reading a magazine.

  • Leave the books and magazines as they are.

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