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Kanji Detail for 制 - "control, regulation, restriction"

  • Meaning

    制 means "control, regulation, restriction."

    1. Control, Restrain - To keep something in check or under control.

    2. Oblige, Comply - To do something that is required or expected of one.

    3. Create, Make - To bring something into existence.

    4. Shape, Form - To give something a particular form or structure.

    5. Regulation, Rule - A set of rules or guidelines that must be followed.

    6. Enforce, Execute - To make sure that something is done or carried out.

    7. Cut, Trim - To remove something by cutting it off.

    8. Decree, Edict - An official order or command issued by a ruler or other authority.

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Sentences including

  • You must control yourself.

  • They are paid by the day.

  • That child's free time is circumscribed.

  • I'm on diet.

  • The closing of school was due to the snow.

  • I'm out of control.

  • The american police are in blue uniforms.

  • Should i watch my diet?

  • You have to eat regularly.

  • That made him govern himself.

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