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Kanji Detail for 隣 - "neighbor, next to"

  • Meaning

    隣 means "neighbor, next to."

    1. Close, Nearby - Being close to someone or something.

    2. Adjacent - Being side by side with someone or something.

    3. Connected - Being in contact with someone or something.

    4. Approaching - Coming closer to someone or something.

    5. Administrative District - A district in the Heian period.

    6. Five Households - A group of five households.

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Sentences including

  • An hour's walk brought me to the next village.

  • She lives next door to him.

  • We should love our neighbors.

  • The building to the right of that office is the tokyo building.

  • Our house adjoins his.

  • How far is it from here to the next village?

  • Japan is at peace with her neighbors.

  • He sat next to her.

  • He lived next to his uncle.

  • She lives next door to us.

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