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Kanji Detail for 貫 - "pierce, penetrate, unit of weight"

  • Meaning

    貫 means "pierce, penetrate, unit of weight."

    1. To penetrate - To pass through something.

    2. To continue - To persist or remain in a certain state.

    3. To give money - To provide money as payment or as a gift.

    4. Reasoning - A logical sequence of thoughts or ideas.

    5. Household registration - A system of registering individuals and their families in Japan.

    6. Matter - A subject or situation under consideration.

    7. To learn - To gain knowledge or skill through study or experience.

    8. To draw a bow - To pull back the string of a bow in order to shoot an arrow.

    9. To pull - To exert force on something in order to move it.

    10. Unit of weight - A unit of measurement used to measure the weight of an object.

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Sentences including

  • Why don't you carry out what you've set out to do?

  • Why don't you carry out what you've set out to do?

  • You look very dignified.

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