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Kanji Detail for 型 - "model, type, mold"

  • Meaning

    型 means "model, type, mold."

    1. Mold or pattern - A basic shape or form that serves as a model or template.

    2. Standard - A benchmark or reference for action, such as in martial arts or performance arts.

    3. Form - A style, size, or other specification.

  • Onyomitip
  • Kunyomitip
  • Strokestip
  • Radicaltip

Sentences including

  • His hair style is behind the time.

  • I'm a night owl.

  • A man cannot be made in a mold.

  • The boy is his father in miniature.

  • They liked large cars.

  • I would like my hair in this style.

  • Would you say you're a morning person?

  • Father bought me a model plane.

  • This watch is a new type.

  • This is a new type of car.

Sentences from Japanese classical masterpieces

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