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Kanji Detail for 沿 - "along, beside, following"


  • Meaning

    沿 means "along, beside, following."

    1. Follow - To proceed along a path or in a direction, such as the flow of water or a road. To adhere to a form or custom.

    2. Edge - The edge or border of something.

    3. Bridge - A structure that spans a body of water or other obstacle, providing a path for crossing.

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Sentences including 沿

  • He said ,'' let's take a walk along the river.''

  • Our house stands by the road.

  • He walked along the river.

  • John took a walk along the river.

  • If you follow this street , you will get to the station.

  • We took a walk along the riverbank.

  • I walked along the river.

  • The post office is down the street.

  • We walked slowly along the road.

  • The street runs along the river.

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